Facilities Management and Services

Services we provide range from moss and mould removal to commercial cleaning.

External Sanitisation, Building Washing, Car Park Maintenance and Car Park Cleaning

Facility services we provide range from moss and mould removal and building washing, to window cleaning and commercial cleaning. We can service commercial and private landlords in the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga region. 

Access | Partners in Property will coordinate and manage the delivery of facilities services in a way that maximises efficiencies and reduces costs. Our services guarantee to protect and enhance the life of your building.

Our teams are trained to deliver an integrated solution for your properties. We schedule your maintenance requirements according to your budget and agreed outcomes with our state-of-the-art ERP system. We approach facilities management as a long-term relationship, so we work together with you and listen to your requirements to ensure we deliver the best value for all stakeholders.

Whether you’re in the commercial, retail, council, government or any other sector, Access | Partners in Property can deliver a sustainable, proactive and cost-effective property solutions customised to your business and property portfolio.

Access | Partners in Property is very experienced in evaluating the requirements of new developments as well as auditing the current service level offered to existing properties. Working with developers, architects and property managers is a strength that differentiates Access | Partners in Property. Many of our clients have retained us as their preferred supplier/contractor for over a decade.

We can offer: 

External Sanitisation

With the recent spread of COVID-19 in New Zealand, hygiene and cleanliness has become an imperative tool against the virus. Regular sanitisation of high traffic zones reduces the chance of the virus spreading thus, protecting your staff and business. 

Access | Partners in Property offer a complete exterior sanitisation service. This involves using MPI approved chemicals that work to sanitise & kill viruses (including COVID-19) on surfaces.

Our methodology involves minimal contact with your staff. Our team will arrive on site & sanitise critical zones as required. This will involve using spray nozzles and emitting the product in a fine spray ensuring optimal cov­erage and absorption to even the most po­rous surfaces including concrete, timber etc. Click here to find out more about our sanitisation services.

Building Washing 

Access | Partners in Property have over 14 years of experience in building washing an array of buildings from high-rise industrial buildings, apartment complexes to commercial warehouses. Our technicians have training, knowledge and skills to provide our clients with the best solutions for a clean building. We service the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga regions. Click through to find out more about our Building Washing services. 

Moss and Mould Removal

Moss and Mould is both unsightly and unhealthy but with a simple water-blast and/or moss and mould treatment, you can maintain your building’s asset. We offer exterior moss and mould treatment on roofs and exterior walls on buildings in the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga region for commercial properties. 

Custodial Services

Access | Partners in Property offers site specific custodial services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We have dedicated professional staff who will be either based on site or visit the site on a regular basis. Services may include however are not limited to site clean-up, waste management and custodial services.

Valet Parking

Car parks can be vital in allowing for smooth running of a business and encourage employee retention. Having an organised parking service by way of Valet parking can achieve extra parking capacity.

Access | Partners in Property currently run two Valet parking operations in Auckland City, parking up to 600 vehicles per day.

Our services can include vehicle grooming, garden maintenance, water blasting footpaths, graffiti removal, vehicle servicing and Warrant of Fitness Inspections.

Car Park Maintenance and Car Park Sweeping

Scheduled maintenance of your car park is important. It will enhance the customer experience and keep them coming back.

Access | Partners in Property can help with car park maintenance. We use mechanical sweeping, ride on and push behind equipment to renew concretes in car parks and multi-story parking garages. We will also sweep and clean the kerb and channels to ensure storm water drainage is optimised as designed

We often see car parks riddled with moss and mould. This not only damages paintwork but looks unsightly and harms the image of your car park building or property. Our moss and mould treatment, water blasting, and wash downs will remedy this and have your car park looking brand new.