ESG Policy

Creation Date: 05/012/2023

Last Review Date: 07/12/2023

Next Review Date: 07/12/2024

ESG Policy 

Access NZ 2005 Ltd’s commitment to sustainability and today’s environmental and societal challenges is an important responsibility. We must be constructive and solution-oriented to advance sustainable, long-term growth in the world in which we live. By engaging with stakeholders – including employees, clients, vendors, and subcontractors – we can do our part to improve sustainability, better serve our community, and simultaneously deliver services and results for our company. 

It begins with leading in those areas where we have the skills and ability to make an impact, be it on a local or national level. Sustainable organisations strive to balance the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit to achieve long-term success and viability.  

Underpinning our efforts are Access NZ 2005 Ltd.’s values and attributes: 

  1. Safe: Safety is our priority. We can only be sustainable by protecting the safety, health, and welfare of our most vital resource: employees. 
  2. Honest: In what we say and what we do. As a business in multiple regions in NZ, we understand our responsibility to be engaged sustainably and honestly in activities that promote a positive influence across the nation. 
  3. Reliable: Always working to satisfy our clients. In order for an operation to become reliable, it must be sustainable. 
  4. Professional: Continually improving our people and processes. In today’s climate it is imperative to be consistently progressing our commitment to sustainability. 
  5. Dynamic: Open minded and progressive with people, processes, and technology. Partnership and collaboration among our key stakeholders is essential as we look to build upon our commitment to ESG issues across our businesses. 
  6. Practical: Get out there! Use initiative and take action. By embedding sustainability issues into our business activities and maintaining our objective of creating long term value for stakeholders, we will be in a position to positively affect the lives of current and future generations. 
  7. Sustainable: Integration of financial, social and environmental priorities. This is the underlying focus of our ESG activities. 

Environmental Responsibility 

Access NZ 2005 Ltd recognises that the world faces environmental challenges and is committed to promoting a healthy environment. We believe that our business can and should do things to promote a positive influence in matters that improve our country and the planet. 

We are committed to continuing to educate our stakeholders and enabling the growth of sustainable companies, which we believe are vital to improving our environment: 

  • Offer our services in a manner that complies with environmental legislation and regulations.  
  • Identify opportunities and implement procedures to reduce the use of energy, water, and other resources.  
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers.  
  • Maintain open relations on environmental matters with our employees, contractors, relevant authorities, neighbouring community organisations and other interested parties.  
  • Continually improve our environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. 

Within the context of our operations, Access NZ 2005 Ltd is committed to working within the world leading standard, to reduce energy consumption, water usage, waste disposal and carbon footprint in a practical and cost-effective manner. 

Social Responsibility 

At Access NZ 2005 Ltd, we pride ourselves in the long-standing culture of respect and empathy for our employees and the community at-large.  

We employ a fair pay practice which ensures that Access NZ 2005 Ltd’s pay practice is competitive with the market for the same or similar jobs, qualifications and experience. 

We believe that diversity and inclusion strategies are the catalyst for success and innovation in the workplace. We believe that differing opinions and lived experiences are valuable and serve to support our business overall. 

Wellness, both physical and financial, is the cornerstone of our employee benefit programs. Our extensive benefit choices are designed to help employees meet their own specific needs. We believe programs, such as our health insurance membership, Employee Assistance Programme, and flexible work arrangements, help employees balance work, life and family matters more effectively. 

We also work to create partnerships with vendors and sub-contractors that share a commitment to sustainability. Vendors and sub-contractors engaged in providing products and services to Access NZ 2005 Ltd are expected to act in a manner that is consistent with our ESG Policy, Ethical Sourcing Policy, and Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy. During vendor and sub-contractor evaluations, Access NZ 2005 Ltd takes the appropriate steps to ensure ethical business practices, labour and human rights, vendor diversification and inclusion, environmental stewardship, management systems and governance are considered. 

We intend to further improve our social impact across our organisation and within the greater community. 

Economic Responsibility 

Economic sustainability is fundamental to our enduring success. We are unwavering in our commitment to responsible financial management, ensuring the stability and growth of our business. We diligently strive to deliver value to our shareholders through sustainable performance. At the heart of our economic responsibility is the support of local business, through responsible sourcing and partnerships, allowing us to contribute to their growth and well-being. Moreover, we understand that investing in training our people is key to driving innovation and securing our long-term economic sustainability, ensuring that we remain competitive and resilient in a dynamic business landscape. 

Governance Responsibility 

Strong governance, ethical business practices and prudent risk management are critical ingredients to Access NZ 2005 Ltd.’s achievement of its goal for long-term value creation for shareholders and driving sustainability. 

Corporate governance guidelines assist the Board in the exercise of its responsibilities and to promote the effective functioning of the Board. The Board's goal is to oversee and direct management in building long-term value for the Company's shareholders. In addition, the Board's goal is to assure the strength, integrity, and vitality of the Company for its customers, clients, employees and the communities in which it operates. 

Access NZ 2005 Ltd.’s ESG policy, which applies to all employees and members of the Board, serves as the foundation for high standards of integrity and ethics, the deterrence of wrongdoing and the promotion of compliance with applicable regulations. 

The Board and executive management are ultimately responsible for the review and oversight of risk at Access NZ 2005 Ltd. They are supported by a risk management framework which is implemented throughout the Senior Leadership Team and Business Units. 

Our ESG initiative is a continuous improvement initiative, led by the Board and the General Manager who continue to champion best practice for the organisation. 

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it is relevant and appropriate to the business.  

The Policy will be updated as part of the organisations commitment to continual improvement.