Building Washing

To get your buildings looking brand new, employ us for a thorough exterior clean. 

Commercial and Industrial Building Washing, Window Cleaning, Roof Washing, Moss and Mould Treatment and Height Work

The Building Wash Company

The Building Wash Company, an Access | Partners in Property company, is a professional exterior cleaning and abseil maintenance company with 20+ years’ experience that offers services to commercial and industrial buildings in the Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga regions.

From high-rise buildings to small offices and retail shops, we offer our exterior cleaning services for commercial and industrial buildings. Our services are ideal for property managers and facility managers looking to get their building looking brand new.

Unwashed buildings and surrounding structures (canopies, footpaths, etc.) often lead to corrosion and significantly reduce the life of the material being used. Besides this damage, if the conditions of the building material warrantee state that washing is required, warranties may be voided resulting in expensive repairs to cladding or roofing.

Scheduling regular exterior cleans can help prevent damage, uphold warranties and extend the life of the building. Using our state-of-the-art ERP system, our teams can schedule your cleans on an ongoing basis, less hassle and less admin. As a facility manager, you will be notified well before the cleans commence to confirm and schedule the dates to ensure your buildings receive regular care. 

We have improved the life of many buildings including 

Access | Partners in Property will wash your building using the best methodology possible. This could mean either a hot wash, chemical wash or soft wash. Often a combination of these methods is required for the best and cleanest building. 

Our services include:

Exterior Building Washing - Commercial and Industrial

With over 14 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skills to provide thorough building washes in the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga regions. We can access hard to reach areas with abseiling and provide you with an exceptional service that cannot be beaten. Our building washes are carried out by Site-Safe technicians. You can have confidence that you are serviced by experienced professionals.

Water Blasting

Our technicians are armed with the latest high pressure water blasting equipment. Water blasting helps to get rid of dirt and grime that builds up over time on the exterior of buildings. We are experienced in using the right pressure for the right building to leave a clean surface behind. 

Window Cleaning

Regular cleaning of windows is also a must as they easily accumulate dust and dirt. Regular window cleaning will improve the appearance of your building and contribute to the positive image you portray of your business and brand.

Benefits of Window Cleaning include;

  • Immediate value added on to the appearance of the building
  • Streak-free windows
  • Increased lifespan of windows
  • Additional light, promoting health and productivity

Access will carry out a full window clean on all types of properties including, high rise and industrial and commercial buildings. This will be done using either a hose and brush, or by a blade for a streak free finish. Our window cleaning services be provided by abseiling or lifting equipment.

Industrial Abseiling and Height Works

Access | Partners in Property have various methods and trained staff to complete a superior quality exterior cleans on commercial and industrial buildings. This includes building washing, window cleaning, roof washing and moss and mould treatment. All technicians are have Elevated Work Platform and Working at Height certifications, allowing them to safely service your assets. Our water blasting trucks and High Lift equipment, and if necessary, our expert abseiling team, allow Access | Partners in Property to remove the grit, mould and salt deposits causing corrosion and damage.

Moss, Mould and Lichen Treatment for Roofs

Moss and Mould is both unsightly and unhealthy but with a simple water-blast and/or moss and mould treatment, you can maintain your building’s asset. We offer exterior moss and mould treatment on roofs in the Auckland, Waikato and Tauranga region for industrial and commercial properties. Our roof treatments will protect your roof against moss and mould for 6 to 12 months. We guarantee quality work. Many of our clients have been with us for over 5 years!

Roof Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning

Your roof is the most exposed part of the building to the harsh New Zealand weather conditions. Our Roof cleaning services can ensure your roof is protected and is performing to the best of its ability. Access | Partners in Property use pressurised water blasting to get rid of grime and dirt present on the roof. Our roof washing leaves behind a clean and health roof.

As part of our facilities management process, we also perform thorough roof inspections including inspecting gutters and downpipes can be carried out. Scheduling maintenance is the most cost-effective plan to ensure your gutters and downpipes do not need replacing. Blocked gutters can create issues with roof flooding and possibly water ingress, leading to extensive damage to your building. Often it is vegetation or other foreign matter blown onto and into the gutter system by high winds that is obstructing the spouting systems. Our gutter cleaning services unblock your gutters and downpipes to ensure water is flowing off the roof and onto the ground.

Car Park Maintenance and Car Park Sweeping

Scheduled maintenance of your car park is important. It will enhance the customer experience and keep them coming back.

Access | Partners in Property can help with car park maintenance. We use mechanical sweeping, ride on and push behind equipment to renew concretes in car parks and multi-story parking garages. We will also sweep and clean the kerb and channels to ensure storm water drainage is optimised as designed

We often see car parks riddled with moss and mould. This not only damages paintwork but looks unsightly and harms the image of your car park building or property. Our moss and mould treatment, water blasting, and wash downs will remedy this and have your car park looking brand new.