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Access | Partners in Property had undertaken re-roofing works to a commercial building managed by one of our key clients. The structure is made up of 4 buildings leased and operated for different purposes from a petrol station to a tyre shop. Access | Partners in Property were engaged to re-roof the 100m2 roof and repair the 370m2 roof. 

Re-roofing of 100m2 roof

This roof needed the installation of new metal sheets due to the poor state that it was in, previous.  Works involved removing all air conditioning units to be stored for later reinstatement. The existing rusted roof were removed and disposed of. All gutters and flashings between this 100m2 roof and the 370m2 roof were also removed. Once exposed, we inspected the timber framing and replaced all rotten timber substructures. Doing so ensured the roof performs to its fullest capacity.

After repair works were completed, the team installed new internal gutters between the 100m2 roof and the 370m2 roof to the NZ Code of Practice. New sheeting, with the appropriate 8 degree fall to the internal gutter, was installed followed by the installation of all the correct back flashings for the penetration pipes with the appropriate rubber boot flashings.

On completion of this installation, a monkey toe system was used to avoid damage to sheeting when the air conditioning units were reinstated.  

Repairing of 370m2 roof

This roof was cleared of all dirt using a roof wash service from our in-house facilities team. Following this, a rust protector was applied to avoid future rust build-up. The ridge flashing was replaced according to specification. Our team had also installed all the correct back flashings for the penetration pipes with the appropriate rubber boot flashings, similarly to the 100m2 roof.

This roof had considerable bent sheets therefore, all loose and bent sheets were replaced with new metal sheets. One of these damaged sheets were due to the fact that an air conditioning unit was fixed onto the roof directly with bolts. This had caused considerable damage to the sheet. By replacing the sheet and reinstating the unit using a monkey toe system, our team had inflicted no damage on the new sheet. The final works involved installing a new gutter system to allow for water from the roof to discharge into the stormwater system.

The total project took approximately one month to complete. The new roof sheets and repairs will protect this property from near future damages. Access | Partners in Property are pleased with the outcome. Throughout the project, we had adhered to our brand promise.


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