Car Park Refurbishment | Countdown Mt Roskill

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After New Zealand roads, car parks receive a great amount of heavy-load traffic. Due to this fact, property managers often find that their car parks are in much need of a refurbishment.

Access | Partners in Property have extensive experience in car park refurbishments. Examples of our works involve;

Countdown Mt Roskill - Car Park Refurbishment

Our team was approached for refurbishment works to the car park at Countdown Mt Roskill. During the initial site visit, the team discovered that the appearance was not the only problem. The existing epoxy coating had failed in many places. This meant that there is a risk of damage to the underside of the carpark slab.

The following works were undertaken to repair the car park, ensuring that it is functioning to its fullest purpose.  

Access | Partners in Property began with removing the existing epoxy coating before cleaning the concrete and applying the concrete substrate. In detail, this involved clean cut grinding away the existing faulty epoxy coating followed by an additional clean-cut grind to minimize scratches and marks on the concrete – ensuring that throughout these works, concrete dust and debris is taken offsite. Due to the epoxy coating have been set in the control joint gap, we had also re-cut all control joints to remove the coating and re-seal throughout the affected areas.

The team had then applied a concrete sealer. In-order to prolong the life of the concrete, Access | Partners in Property treated the concrete floor with a multi-purpose water-based epoxy resin used as a chemically resistant and waterproof bonding agent, curing membrane, concrete sealer, repair mortar and waterproof paint. This was followed with the application of a driveway stain -a chlorinated rubber based pigmented stain for concrete driveways.

Where required we had also repaired asphalt. This was followed by reinstating line marks to match existing lines.

The outcome of the car-park waterproofing was outstanding. The appearance was greatly enhanced, and the carpark area was strengthened from future damage. Throughout this project, Access | Partners in Property have adhered to our brand promise.


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