Tips in Cleaning Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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Tips in Cleaning Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Ceilings are often overlooked until they begin to pop a problem – they become dirty, acquire stains and accumulate dusts.

Situations like these should be addressed immediately because they have a negative impact to the perceptions of your guests. Assess the state that your ceilings are in to determine the best approach for the situation.

Basic Maintenance

Establish a cleaning schedule for your ceilings depending on the location. Kitchen ceiling tiles like hard vinyl sheetrock requires cleaning every 8 to 10 months. However, those that are made of classic white mineral board that are generally not exposed to heat, smoke or grime only need cleaning after 18 months.

Make sure to cover your furniture before brushing or vacuuming your ceiling. Always follow the specified cleaning directions to ensure efficient cleaning. You may also ask for professional help as they offer a service that includes spraying an enzyme detergent containing hydrogen peroxide to the ceiling.

In addition, hiring professional service will ensure that the cleaning job is done correctly. There are specific ceiling cleaning solution products that cannot be bought from the store. If the wrong product is used, it can destroy your ceiling.

Small Stains

Some stains are really difficult to clean up. You may cover stubborn stains as long as you use a product that protects your ceiling tiles. Avoid applying old stock paint to the dirty spots as it increases the fire risk of the ceiling and destroys its acoustical properties.

Also, be sure to review the ceiling manufacturer’s directions to make sure that you don’t void the warranty. They won’t stand behind the performance of their ceilings if these are already altered with paint or other applications. Professional cleaning services have several years of experience and their expertise can be relied on for such cleaning matters.

When Replacement is Needed

Water-damaged mineral board is difficult to fix because it harbours mould and mildew. When this happens, it would cost less if you have your ceiling replaced than trying to restore it. Heavily stained ceilings are unpleasant to look at.  

When thinking of getting a replacement, always consider your climate and building type. If your ceiling is frequently exposed to humidity or moisture and requires regular cleaning, opt for a type that is made from washable materials.

Replacement is unavoidable in some cases, but you can minimise the need if you regularly clean your ceilings. Hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you and they can offer a package that is cost-efficient. They can help you stay on top of your maintenance plan and you won’t have to worry about your ceilings anymore.

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