Track Upgrades | Auckland Council Reserves

Category: Projects and Construction

In 2019, Access | Partners in Property completed Track upgrades to three reserve pathways through the FM Contractors, UMS.

  • Pigeon Place Reserve
  • Harbour View Reserve
  • Rahui Te Kiri Reserve

Pigeon Place Reserve

Works in this reserve included repair and maintenance to the existing track. The track had many faults including exceeded fall heights on sections of the path with no effective barrier in place, the rotting timber tracks and uneven surfaces on the path, due to sinking issues. The team took to remedying all identified issues, to Council requirements. The project also involved removing 7 trees (4 live trees and 3 dead trees) that were obstructing the pathway or showing potentially hazardous decay.

Harbor View Reserve

Works at this reserve involved construction repairs on the existing track. This involved removing and disposing the existing peg and board steps, reforming the existing track, placing track surfacing, constructing 63 lineal metres of boxed steps on the track and finally, supplying and placing surfacing on these boxed steps.

Rahui Te Kiri Reserve

This reserve needed both concrete and timber path construction. The concrete works of this project involved removing the existing concrete footpath and disposing offsite in an approved facility. The team then formed new exposed aggregate footpath to the existing level – constructing 100mm thick 20MPa concrete footpath with one layer of mesh on compacted basecourse.

The timber construction works of this project involved removing the existing boardwalks and disposing, constructing 1.66m wide timber boardwalk including all decking, joists, blockings and fixings, installing boardwalk pile foundations and finishing off with the application of anti-slip surfacing to the existing boardwalks and new boardwalks.

These project works highlight the diverse skills and services that Access | Partners in Property can offer our clients. The success of these projects saw our team take on Track Renewal works in Fernglen Reserve in early 2020.