Warm Roof Installation | Howick College

Category: Projects and Construction

One of the first projects Access | Partners in Property completed under the Ministry of Education included a Major Works contract to apply a warm roof system to the L Block of Howick College.

The previous roof had observed leaks and deflection at various locations. The flat roof also attracted students to skate on top of it which is a high Health and Safety risk to the students and the school. As well as this, the roof had several maintenance issues calling for the construction of the new roof.

This project involved the demolition of the existing roof and roof lights, removing asbestos, installing new timber joists, (structural framing) and installing a new warm roof over the L block. Additional to this work, our team had also replaced the interior and exterior corridor, completed a roof wash, line painting and internal / external painting to all work areas, and replaced the downpipes and gutters to the roof.

The project took approximately one year to complete. The job showcases Access | Partners in Property one-stop shop range. The project saw all divisions of our company involved in the project – ranging from Gunac | Waterproofing to our maintenance, facilities, and projects & construction crew. The Howick College Project was completed successfully. Throughout this project, Access | Partners in Property had adhered to our brand promise.


Video taken by Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd (The Product Supplier of the Warm Roof System)