Ministry of Education | Main Contractor Works

Category: Projects and Construction

Access | Partners in Property have undertaken a range of works to schools around the Auckland region, as a Main Contractor under the Ministry of Education.

To date, we have been awarded to complete the following projects for schools across Auckland.

  • Howick College - Warm Roof Installation
  • Hillsborough School – Classroom and Toilet Upgrade
  • Kohimarama School – DQLS Upgrade and Heat Pump installation
  • Macleans College – Gym Alterations
  • Baverstock Oaks School – Structural remediations to Walkway
  • Northcote Primary School – DQLS Upgrade
  • Rosebank School – DQLS Upgrade

Hillsborough Primary School - Classroom and Toilet Upgrade

Hillsborough Primary School was a school project Access | Partners in Property took on during the term holidays in 2019. The project involved a toilet refurbishment and the refurbishment of 13 classrooms. This project involved vinyl and carpet replacement, LED lighting upgrades, Autex wall lining installations in classrooms including the corridor, painting work to ceilings & doors of six classrooms and partition installations. The toilet refurbishment involved new toilet units and sanitary fittings, new flooring and plumbing upgrades to both the girls’ and boys’ toilets.

Kohimarama School – DQLS Upgrade and Heat Pump installation

Access | Partners in Property have also completed DQLS and Heat Pump installation for Kohimarama School. The project involved removing existing carpet and vinyl, supplying and installing new 100% Solution Dyed Nylon, commercial loop-pile carpet tiles and supplying and installing new commercial grade vinyl. Access had also removed the existing old pinboard and installed new Autex acoustic wall coverings. Additionally, our team had removed existing cloak bays, made good and finished off the project by installing new heat pumps in Rooms 11 – 15. An additional scope involved constructing a new deck and canopy to one room.

Macleans College – Gym Alterations

Access | Partners in Property had completed alterations to the gym entrance of Macleans College. The works involved asbestos removal in contaminated cladding and ceiling linings around the exterior doors. Upon clearance, our team had demolished the existing doors and internal walls. This demolishment was followed by the installation of new aluminium doors (with new glazing), new door hardware and an access-security system. This installation allowed for natural light to pass through into the gym foyer and create lines of sight between the foyer and the gym. Access | Partners in Property had also installed an operable louvre to improve ventilation.

Baverstock Oaks Schools – Structural remediations to Walkway

As the Main Contractor to this project, Access | Partners in Property completed all works required to remediate its elevated walkways. The steel connections and seismic joints in the suspended walkway were poorly connected. The steel framework was also corroding and needed to be waterproofed and treated. Cable trays that acted as support had also corroded and need replacing and the spalling of concrete on the exterior stairwell were also breaking loose/ and level the mortar to existing floor.

The team had first undertaken all concrete repairs. Upon completion of the concrete repair works, the surface of the walkway was prepped. This involved washing and grinding the surface to provide an approved surface for the installation of the Sika Balcony system. The purpose of grinding the surface was to expose the concrete nib that needed to be removed and covered with a new stainless-steel chequer plate.

Once the walkway was adequately prepped, our waterproofing Sika approved technicians commenced with the application of the Sika Balcony system. This was followed by the application of the Sika 11FC Sealant. The new chases were then cut into the walkway. The corroded cable trays were replaced with hot dip galvanized trays, supports and fixings. The cabling from the trays were reinstated with these galvanised trays.

On completion, the walkway was washed, and any areas of surface corrosion was wire brushed and treated with a zinc rich paint.